"Decisions, Decisions"

Watch a short film about the research I conducted during my PhD.

This film was the product of a collaboration with Matilda Hay (producer/director), Roly Witherow (music), Lieke de Boer (actress/researcher) and Patrick Haggard (researcher).


Won first prize ex-aequo in the ICN Brains on Film Competition, in March 2014.

Was selected for the People’s Choice Award of the Society for Neuroscience Brain Awareness Video Contest, in September 2014.



10 March 2022

Invited Seminar, Perception & Action seminar series, Brown University (online)

Who's in control? Prospective contributions to the sense of agency 

16 March 2022

Invited Seminar, London Judgment and Decision Making Seminars (online)

Who's in control? Prospective contributions to the sense of agency 

18-22 May 2022

Invited Speaker at Symposium: Social influences on cognition and behavior in humans and fish

Co-organiser & Speaker at Symposium: Feeling and being in control: Interactions between monitoring and controlling our thoughts and actions

International Conference Of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON), Helsinki  [Accepted]

Past (Selected)

June 2021

Invited Speaker at Agency and metacognition CoInAct Summer Workshop, Copenhagen

May 2021

December 2019

Invited Speaker, Volition: signals, decisions and values, ENS, Paris

September 2019

Symposium Co-organiser & Speaker, "Acting in a complex world - Emerging perspectives on human agency", 21st Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, Tenerife

June 2019

Keynote Speaker, TRACE Workshop: Intentionality & Agency, Würzburg University

March 2019

Seminar, Social Brain and Behaviour Club, University of Oxford

March 2019

Speaker, La Semaine du Cerveau 2019 (Brain Awareness Week), ENS, Paris

March 2019

Poster, International Convention of Psychological Science, Paris  [pdf]

February 2019

Speaker & Co-organiser, "New Ideas in Volition" Symposium, Paris

June 2018

Invited Speaker, “Metacognition of Action, Causes and Effects” EPS Workshop, UCL

June 2018

Speaker & Co-organiser, "Women in Science" Panel Discussion, ENS, Paris [Resources, Video]

April 2018

Invited Speaker, Panel Discussion on Free Will, The Forum for European Philosophy, London School of Economics [Podcast]

January 2018

September 2017

September 2017

Symposium Speaker & Co-organiser, 20th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP), Potsdam

August 2017

Symposium Speaker & Co-organiser, 13th International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, Amsterdam

October 2016

Invited Speaker, “Has Science Shown that Free Will is an Illusion?” Weekend School, The Philosophical Society - Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

September 2016

Invited Speaker, “The Social Aspects of Metacognition” Symposium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

October 2015

Introduction to Multilevel Models, Action & Body Group, UCL

August 2015

Invited Speaker, Beyond the Brain XI Conference “Free Spirits or Determined Machines?”, Latimer Place, UK

June 2015

NeuroStorm Club, Columbia University, New York

May 2015

Co-organiser, Metacognition of Agency Workshop, Columbia University, New York

March 2015

Invited Seminar, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

December 2014

Invited Speaker, PhD Annual Evaluation Days, University of Verona

May 2014

Invited Speaker, 3rd International Conference on Implicit Learning, St. Petersburg, Russia

Feb 2014

ICN Tea Time Talk, UCL

November 2013

Invited Speaker, Cognitive Research Issues @ UCL on "Is it irresponsible for neuroscience to suggest that we don't have free will?"