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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

I am committed to promoting Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in academia and beyond. I believe it is important for us all to be aware of, and involved in fighting against, the inequalities, biases and silencing faced by many people from underrepresented groups, whether due to gender, sexuality, ethnic background, disabilities, neurodiversity, etc... I have thus been involved in various initiatives, and encourage others to get involved in their local groups, as individuals concerned or allies. If you'd like to get involved in groups listed below, or are looking to set up initiatives similar to those mentioned below, I'm happy to share experiences.

  • Chair of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion team, & member of the Athena SWAN committee, Department of Psychology, RHUL, from 2022.

  • Member of the Equalities team of the Department of Psychology, RHUL, since 2020.

  • Member of Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS) and part of the leadership team of WiCS Europe (WiCS-E) chapter since 2019.

    • WiCS organise regular meetings at conferences (e.g. ESCoP), including talks/discussions and mentoring opportunities (e.g. speed mentoring), as well as broader networking opportunities (hubs), and awards to recognise and support researchers.

  • Founder and chair of the DEC Equality & Diversity steering committee, ENS, 2018-2019.

    • We set up a mentoring programme for staff, postdocs, and students in the department, as well as organised events, surveys, and more. More on the website, which includes a page on finding out "Am I biased?", with tips and resources on reducing biases.

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20 March 2023


Organiser & chair, Panel discussion on Slow Science – Women's Month Celebration, Online


25 October 2022


Organiser & chair, The Life of Sarah Parker Remond – Celebrating Black History Month, Online


10 March 2022


Organiser & facilitator, Running your new lab: tips and tricks - Panel Discussion to celebrate International Women’s Day, Online


23 July 2021


Facilitator, Making the Invisible Visible - WiCS Panel Discussion & Speed Mentoring session, SARMAC 2021 meeting, Online

vSARMAC_WiCS-E panel.png

6 March 2019


Organiser & facilitator, Evidence-based practices for promoting equality & diversity - Discussion with the founders of Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS), ENS, Paris


8 July 2018


Speaker & Co-organiser, "Women in Science" Panel Discussion, ENS, Paris [Resources, Video, more info in this blog post]

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